thanks for making EMG more enjoyable

"The Cadwell Sierra Wave I bought from Admar works so much better than my other two Wave machines that I had purchased from Cadwell, that I am sending both of my original machines to you to refurbish and add your modifications. On your machine, the baseline during sensory studies and needle EMG is flat and silent, and I'm sure it is better than the Cadwell Summit. On my original Cadwell Waves, even though Wave's are the gold standard, I am frequently replacing the electrode tabs and moving alligator clips, and doing everything possible to get the baseline to quiet down, it feels like rabbit ears on an old TV. Can't wait till you improve them.

Also, the way you configure a new windows 11 laptop to work with the original Cadwell Wave runs so much quicker for things like report processing, opening new studies or just navigating between NCVs, and it is nice to be able to attach to the network and internet, which I don't do with my old Cadwell laptops. It is also a bonus that windows 11 has a built in version of Dragon. Anyway, thanks for making EMG more enjoyable"

Craig Carmichael MD
Bloomington, Illinois