MyLab™25Gold: The Premium-Performance Mobile Ultrasound
The MyLab™25Gold is able to perfectly match the latest technological innovations with ease of use and portability. This concept reflects and fully satisfies the recent evolution of user’s needs: high performance and reliability combined with compactness and portability.

With the MyLab™25Gold, the gold standard for quality and solutions meets portable ultrasound to deliver unmatched performance, defining a new class of system. Abdominal, ob/gyn, small parts, breast, thyroid, musculoskeletal, neonatal, pediatric, vascular, cardiology are the most important clinical fields covered by the MyLab™25Gold

Refurbished Esaote MyLab 25 Gold Features:

  • 2D/M-Mode/Anatomical M-Mode
  • PW/Color Doppler and Color Power Doppler
  • TEI Tissue Enhanced Imaging (Tissue Harmonics Imaging)
  • 15" LCD screen
  • VPan Extended field of view Panoramic Imaging
  • Two active probe ports
  • USB ports for export
  • Integrated CD/DVD R/W
  • Network Storage capabilities
  • TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping
  • QIMT Quality Intima Thickness for early detection of cardiovascular diseases (with advanced vascular package)
  • Calipers for Nuchal Thickness (Nuchal Translucency)
  • TCD Transcranial Doppler with reporting
  • Cine ultrasound image review
  • X4D real-time 3D/4D volumetric OB/GYN imaging
  • Optional battery