terason t3200

terason t3200


The t3200 Series Ultrasound Systems are designed specifically to address the needs of MSK, Vascular, Breast and Thyroid specialists. Exclusively from Terason, Flexible Imaging Technology (FIT) delivers the new wave of advancements for ground-breaking, innovative ultrasound exams and superior image quality. The new X-SiteTM Transducers and DDRTM provide top-notch image quality in both superficial and deep targets to further enhance clinical confidence, while an all-new intuitive interface simplifies exams and increases productivity and patient throughput.

Terason’s systems were designed with nationwide industry thought-leaders in each market to ensure high-end features, performance and optimal results. These results, coupled with our open architecture, customizable reports, post-processing and uConnectTM functionality provide seamless interaction with our systems, furthering Terason’s commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers.

The Best Tools For Your Practice

  • TeraVisionTM II provides refined texture and detail
  • OmniBeamTM increases spatial detail and accuracy of curved surfaces
  • EZ-ViewerTM offers simple study export and review
  • DDRTM provides uniform imaging capabilities
  • X-SiteTM Transducers