Natus UltraPro S100

Continuing Excellence in Electrodiagnostic Systems

Reliability, Performance, Portability – Exceptional Value


  • Three channel amplifier that allows for electrodes to remain in place, accommodating the most common modalities 
  • Triple programmable foot-switch supports hands-free operation, and a (motor, sensory, needle EMG) 
  • Lightweight system that travels easily in a roller case or can be cart mounted

High Quality

  • All-in-one electrodiagnostic system with dedicated controls 
  • Integrated stimulators  
  • Exceptional audio 
  • Low noise levels for exceptional signal quality

Exceptional Value

  • Affordable equipment that meets your diagnostic needs and your practice needs 
  • The UltraPro S100 system includes instructional video, help menu and training classes, virtually eliminating training expenses.

Trouble-Free Installation

  • Three cables with unique connectors so setup is easy 
  • No installation support is required. 
  • Minimal set up time, allows you to start performing studies immediately 
  • On-screen help provides immediate assistance reducing the need for technical support

Ease of Use

  • Simple user interface allows you to navigate through procedures quickly to reduce testing time 
  • The one-button EMR interface allows you to connect results more efficiently to electronic medical records 
  • Automatic reporting, online summaries and built-in reference value database saves you time and generates reports faster
Natus UltraPro S100
Brand Natus